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FiliPhrases was established in September 2019 by founder Jess, who was searching Instagram for resources to supplement her study of the Filipino language. Being an aspiring polyglot, she had noticed the existence of huge community platforms for a number of other languages, but found a gaping hole for learners of Filipino. Instead of waiting for one to open up, she decided to create it herself, with inspiration from some friends.

The initial aim of FiliPhrases was to create an easily accessible resource where bite-sized chunks of the Filipino language can be shared frequently to enable learners to easily digest the new language. Through the short Instagram posts, followers could learn new vocabulary, examine grammar forms, learn about cultural nuances, and be exposed to Baybayin. Never did we think that the account would grow to become the community platform that it is now.

FiliPhrases has been expanding at rapid pace, which is promising news to Filipino language enthusiasts worldwide – the interest to learn Filipino is there, we just need to find the right routes to engage people, and for that reason alone, FiliPhrases continues to develop and grow.

As the community was initiated by a student of the Filipino language, we have the unique position of developing resources from a students’ point of view – always considering the students’ needs, pacing and how the language makes sense to a non-native speaker. All resources are developed through co-production between Filipino teachers whose first language is Filipino, as well as students of the language, to make sure that all content is accurate, but also that it is fun, engaging and easy to understand.

We hope that you will continue to be part of our growth as a community, but also support us as one of the many organisations that are dedicated to promoting the widespread study of the Filipino language.

FiliPhrases Admins

Jessica Busante Barrett

Jess’ vision for FiliPhrases is what has brought this community to life. She is passionate about languages and, along with Filipino, is also currently learning Korean and Mandarin. She is an English language teacher which helps in her development of materials for FiliPhrases, but she also has a background in mental health research which she still takes a keen interest in. Aside from languages, she loves music, KDrama and scenic walks. Jess is currently based in London, UK.

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