Online study resources

Here you will find a list of useful free Tagalog resources that I have come across during my time studying Tagalog. There are also some other recommended resources for learners of other Philippine languages. I will keep this list updated, so please do send me a message on Instagram if you find some new resources you think should be added.


Tagalog Lessons – I mostly use this site for its impeccable dictionary, however it also offers study courses and a chat forum as well. I like this dictionary so much because it conjugates the verbs for you and explains the focus of each verb.

Learning Tagalog – pretty much my go-to place for simple explanations for grammar. They also offer a course with video and written material, which has received very good reviews.

Useful topic pages

Class content

Gloss – Global Language Online Support System. This has over 140 FREE Filipino lessons on its system (along with classes in other languages). Each session focuses on one real life scenario (usually a news story) and either requires learners to read a text and answer questions, or listen to the news report. Each class looks at vocabulary and grammar in the context of real Filipino situations, so it is the perfect immersion tool and a great cultural asset.

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