Vocabulary lists

Once you have learned basic grammar and sentence structure, you already have the tools to start making a number of sentences, except that can be difficult without having the words. Here you can find some vocabulary lists to help expand your knowledge quickly.

So far, the Quizlet sets have been established, but Anki decks will be available in early 2022.

NOTE: These lists are being constantly reviewed an updated and higher level lists are being compiled alongside these, so please keep checking back for updates. Your saved lists will automatically update to reflect newly added words.


The best way to use Quizlet is to create an account and save these learning sets – that way you can keep track of your learning progress. It also means that you can continue learning on the Quizlet app as well, rather than starting from the beginning.

Quizlet has several learning functions to help you test your own knowledge, I would recommend trying out all of the functions to find out what work best for you. When you click into each of the functions (e.g. ‘Learn’, ‘Spell’, ‘Write’, ‘Test’ etc), you will notice an ‘Options’ button, which appears in the bottom left corner in the web browser, or in the top right on the App. If you click on this you will find various settings to customise and suit your preferences. The one thing I would recommend changing is, ‘Error checking options’. This is automatically set to ‘Exact answer only’ which means that even when there is more than one possible answer to give, you must give every single one of these, which tends to be quite difficult to match. Change this to ‘Require only one correct answer’ so that you do not have to match the answer word for word.

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