We’ve made it!

Hello fellow Filipino language learners! We have finally made it to the day of the launch of filiphrases.com

The development of this website has been more than a year in the making and its eventual launch feels like a huge milestone!

“Why did it take so long?” you might ask. Well, at the moment, Filiphrases is still only run and managed by one person (Jess – me), although I do receive much love and support from the language community, and from London Filipino Center, to fulfil the mission of sharing the Filipino language to a wider network. Being just one person working alone on the development of content (and not full time) means that everything within this community feels a little disjointed at the moment, but it is my hope that, one step at a time, things will come together, strengthen and become more streamlined, and therefore our Filipino language community can also strengthen too.

I have huge hopes for this community – and that includes every one of you. Over time, more content and useful material will be curated and made accessible to help us to promote our love for Filipino all over the world, but today I come to you with this small, humble building block…. The website.

This website is not perfect – it has been developed within the confines of my current limits and some parts are still under construction, but so far it conveys all of the information that many of you will need to kick start, or further, your language journey. You will find:

  • Phrases (A-Z) – a list of all of the phrases from the Filiphrases Instagram. This will be regularly updated making it easier to browse for new phrases.
  • Resources – a collection of links, books and more to improve understanding of grammar, further reading and listening skills and more. The recommendations are suitable for all levels!
  • Baybayin resources – links to resources to further your understanding of Baybayin and information on how to find out more

There is a lot more in the pipeline, with some ideas planned for before the end of 2021, so keep your eyes and ears close to this blog for new updates! And let’s head forwards confidently into a strong and stable 2022 together!

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